Lloyd's Newsagency
*(originally "Stubbs' Newsagency"
~ one family* serving the Sea Lake district since 1914!
What do you get for your money? ... a gallery of "snaps" of Lloyd's Newsagency ...
Why would you want to live in Sea Lake? ... a gallery of the town's highlights ...
Best Street frentage
Calder Highway frontage
Checkout/Tatts counter
Newspapers/magazine rack
Greeting Card rack
Stationery rack
Toy department
'Back to School' specials
Electronics dept. - Office & storeroom at rear
Off-street & Owners parking
Community Centre
Community Centre & town oval
Travellers' Rest
Tourist/historical Information - Travellers' Rest
BBQ Area - Travellers' Rest
Haeusler's Farm Dealers - Sea Lake Branch
Swimming Pool
Hospital/Doctors' Surgery
Tyrrell P-12 College - Main Entrance
Tyrrell College - new Primary Wing
Carinya - Aged Care Hostel
Golf/Bowls Club
St Mary's Primary School
St Mary's Community Centre
Uniting Church
If it's so good, why would we want to sell? Read on ...
We've spent the last 45 years in this business. We're ready for fresh challenges and the business probably needs a change, fresh ideas, a different outlook. We've expanded the business dramatically over the past twenty years. Looking at it from the outside, there are many new opportunities to expand the merchandise to capitalize on the passing trade from the Calder Highway frontage and to better serve the needs of the community. For example, there are goods and services currently not available in town and this is a big shop with room to add merchandise. We've done it all before but at this stage of our lives other business interests await us!

Unlike many similar businesses, the Sea Lake Newsagency enjoys "civilised" hours of trading and only five and a half days per week. This could also be seen as an added opportunity by increasing those days and hours by energetic proprietors. Two super-efficient part-time staff members are currently employed and delivery boys/girls are readily available. The business is in good shape and has provided for the needs of our family for over 100 years! It's now ready to provide for the needs of new owners. Our agents will verify this statement with current financials. Click on the link below to make contact.

Sea Lake is very different to most Victorian "highway" towns - it is not a linear town with the main street being the highway. It is a compact town and the newsagency is situated on the prime commercial site in town - the corner of Best Street and the Calder Highway with dual frontages as shown above.

Sea Lake is well-served by public transport with a coach/train service to Melbourne six days per week plus a once-weekly coach service to Swan Hill and Mildura. The four-hour by car trip to Melbourne is perhaps one of Sea Lake's best assets being a convenient stopping-off point for travellers on the busy Calder Highway which passes the door of the Newsagency. Just across the road is the best Travellers' Rest on the Calder!

Sea Lake is the ideal place for your "tree change"! Apart from the transport options, the community enjoys a safe environment. Our local police ensure the district remains relatively crime-free. The geography confirms that Sea Lake will never flood, is unlikely to experience the ravages of a bushfire and sits well on stable ground. The climate suits most people. Residents are well catered for with all essential services - a fine public hospital incorporating emergency and aged-care facilities, excellent doctors and an ambulance service, three schools providing education from pre-school to Year 12, a variety of first class sporting facilities, numerous well-run clubs and organisations plus a well-maintained shopping strip. The community is renowned for its civic pride and has a reputation for being innovative and resourceful in fighting to retain its assets. Recent community efforts have seen the erection of a new multi-million dollar primary school at Tyrrell College, new change facilities at the swimming pool, the Community Centre at St Mary's, the wonderful Travellers' Rest on the Calder Highway, the establishment of a Men's Shed and a complete revamp of Sea Lake's Hospital..

Sea Lake also hosts two festivals of which it is very proud. The Mallee Rally Off-Road event held each year on the Queen's Birthday weekend in June is the oldest currently running off road event in Australia and attracts many visitors to the town. The Lake Tyrrell Star Party paying homage to the fascinating understanding of the night sky over nearby Lake Tyrrell by the local Boorong people, is a bi-annual event that appeals to a wide-range of interested participants - astronomers, historians, people with Aboriginal heritage and locals. In addition, regular street markets bring more shoppers to the town.

Housing is still cheap in the area with a variety of homes available.

More information about Sea Lake can be found at the town website -

Price has been reduced to sell by the end of 2015. We are moving!