Mallee Phallies Orchid Importers
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     ~ bringing you the best orchids flasks from leading Asian nurseries
* Hi Keva, just a quick email to let you know your flasks of
  phallies are working. Champion Phalaenopsis with Phal Sweet
  Strawberry last night. .... Ron, Bateman's Bay, NSW

* Just letting you know that my flasks arrived safe and sound.
  Thanks heaps. Going to be a very busy bee over the weekend.
  Will definitely buy more from you for sure!!! .... Gerri,
  Bungadoo, Qld

* Just deflasked my order and on the whole it was great with all
  the plants being huge and very healthy. .... Karl, Glenelg, SA

* Very pleased with quality. ... Neita, Aitkenvale, Qld

* Your prices are very good, I have quite a few lists from friends
  with Orchid nurseries up here and you don't seem to be putting
  a large mark up on them.  Very happy. .... Rob, Castle Hill, NSW
* Thanks for the list. Great list of plants!!! .... Gerri,
  Bungadoo, Qld

* ... won Champion Phaleanopsis with Pinlong Golden Pride
  No 3 I bought from you about 2 and a bit years ago. .... Ron,
  Batesman's Bay, NSW

* The flasks are great as usual and I look forward to ordering
  more from you in the future. ... Darren, Cairns, QLD

* Excellent quality flasks. Very happy with them. ... Andrew,
  Berwick, Vic

* In fact these really do look like some of the healthiest
  flasks I have ever received. Canít wait to see them in
  flower!! ... Karl, Glenelg, SA